Month: November 2009

Beautiful Ceramics from Annette Rogers

Signature - Annette Rogers Ceramics

I’ve just finished photographing some exquisite ceramics from the very talented Annette Rogers – see samples below. (Did I say talented? I should also mention patient and long-suffering – Annette’s my partner).

The cups pictured here are porcelain and the platters are earthenware and use a┬ámajolica glaze. With the platters Annette brings colour and textural elements from her oil painting work – inspired by the Dutch Cobra movement – to her ceramics.

Highest annual rainfall on record for Bellingen in 2009

2009 is now officially the highest annual rainfall on record for Bellingen with 3372mm recorded so far this year. The 500mm+ received this week sees 1921’s paltry 2895mm soundly beaten (source: Bellingen Courier Sun).

Average is around 1500mm.

And there’s still seven more weeks to go before the end of the year…

The 5th Bellingen flood for 2009

Gushing path

Extreme weather can’t come much more extreme than this. Another 14 inches of rain (350mm) in the last couple of days makes for soggy feet again.

Sure, we expect a bit of a flood around late summer/autumn every year or two but five times in one year?

Not whinging, just wondering…


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