painting verandah rafters

Annette and I spent all of last weekend painting the roofing timbers that will be visible – the rafters over the verandah and the eaves. We got two coats of Porter’s Limewash undercoat on but didn’t finish til after dark on Sunday (just before the inevitable rain…)

The final colour (Porter’s Ruby) was held up en route from Sydney but arrived in Coffs Harbour this morning. Josh, Pete and myself got two coats on during the day and finished most of the rest of the undercoating for the eaves. Looking good…

Over the course of this week the verandah ceiling and roof have gone on and Pete and I have tried on various occasions to get the remainder of the eaves painted between showers without much luck so we don’t have to try and cut the paint in after the roofing iron has gone on. On Friday I spent the morning at it and the skies opened as I finished (only to clear up again half an hour later after I’d gone to work). Makes for an interesting effect though…

runny paint

PERSONNEL: Steve, Annette (weekend), Pete, Josh (Monday)

MUSIC: Radiohead – Hail to the Thief, Nuggets – Vol 1, Emiliana Torrini – Fisherman’s Woman, Beatles – White Album, Dick Dale – King of the Surf Guitar, Isobel Campbell – Ballad of the Broken Seas, Magic Numbers – Those the Brokes (Weekend), Lobby Lloyde and the Coloured Balls, Rock n Roll High School Soundtrack, Doctor John, Groin Thunder! Trogg-Punk Noize From All Over The Place! (Monday)

end of sunday painting

June 8, 2007


… ahem …. battens , not batons , as in “batten down the hatches” , not batonj as in relay race or orchesto conductor.

OK, got that. As a self-confessed spelling pedant I will fix this blatant error and offer in my defence my limited building experience with building jargon.

But what about orchesto?

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