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The experiences of myself and my family as we undertake an ongoing renovation project on our old house.

Retaining Wall, Steps, Paving


After a long break we’ve finally had enough of walking dirt through the house.

digging (levelling the ground and making sure drainage slopes right)
digging (holes for posts)
concreting (posts in place – thanks Larry)
retaining wall (carpentry magic via Al and Josh)
crusher dust (spreading to bed pavers)
whacker packer-ing

then finally…
rubber malleting


Personnel: Al, Josh, Steve, Annette, Oscar

Music: Beach Boys – Pet Sounds, Teenage Fanclub – Bandwagonesque, Tom Waits – Swordfishtrombones

Topics of Conversation: Mercury Levels in ‘eco-friendly’ compact flouro light globes, Shindig magazine, Oscar’s 3rd birthday

New rooms with people in them

Pip new room

More pics from late 2007 when we moved into the new bits of house…

polly and friend min moving into her new room pip

Kitchen cabinets

Here’s some of the kitchen cabinets under construction…


bits of kitchen cupboards cabinet sink

A pictorial summary of the last three months


As you may have guessed things went a bit crazy since I last posted anything. The best way I can tell the story is by putting up a stack of photos that tell the story.

So here they are…

windows frames roof
guns gyprockpete
gyprock gyprock dust
painting painting painting
tiling tiles tiles
sanding floor sanding floor floor
floor floor floor

Still here…

No, haven’t fallen into a hole or anything, just that the building has kind of taken over life right now. Summary

– floor laid, insulation in, gyprock fixed, plastered and sanded
– right now we’re painting inside

Have lots of pictures and details to post, sometime soon…

happy faces

Floor in


The flooring is in place, sitting upside down at the moment and not nailed down, but in place nonetheless. Makes it feel like a real house or something…

floor floor

Greg’s list


We got walls…


Lots of colourbond and fibro cutting and fitting.


PERSONNEL: Al, Josh, Pete, Steve

MUSIC: Sunnyboys – Sunnyboys, Kev Carmody – , Saints – I’m Stranded (Monday), Zoot – Zoot Locker, Spy Vs Spy, PJ Harvey – Stories…, Tom Lehrer, Hunters & Collectors, Grand Funk Railroad – Survival (Tuesday), Velvet Underground – Velvet Underground & Nico, Hendrix – Band of Gypsies, No Means No – 0+2=1, Love – Best Of, Frank Black – The Cult of Ray (Wednesday)

Acacia walls Pete

Roof is finished

new roof

The roof is finished now – all of the extension plus all of the existing house. And it looks fantastic. No more leaks in storms, no more buckets in the ceiling, oh yeah!

We’re hoping to even get some cash for the old aluminium roof from a metal recycler.

josh on the roof

PERSONNEL: Josh, Al, Greg, Pete, Steve, Annette

MUSIC: The Re-Mains – Live: Love’s Last Stand, Savoy Brown – Best of (Monday), PJ Harvey – Dry, Great Dividing Range, The Church – The Blurred Crucible, The Pogues – The Best of the Rest (Wednesday), The Cure, Detroit Cobras – Life, Love & Leaving, Meanies – Come N SeePixes – Trompe Le Monde, Various – Original Seeds (Thursday)


Roofing, framing & windows

Pete bendin

Rainy on and off (surprise) this week but the roof is underway. Most of the extension is under cover now, changing the view somewhat. Work also happening on internal framing for the hallways, doorways and Acacia’s bedroom ceiling.

Extension roofed

The windows are also being cleaned up and reglazed – we have some nice coloured glass for the four matching western windows that Annette’s put in and the northern windows needed some panes of clear glass replacing. I picked up and denailed a load of secondhand 6 x 2 timber which Greg’s cleaning up and using to make frames for the western windows.

PERSONNEL: Al, Josh, Pete, Greg, Steve, Annette

MUSIC: The United States of America, Patti Smith – Wave, Zoot – Zoot Locker, Syd Barret – The Madcap Laughs, Cream – Disraeli Gears (Thursday), Patti Smith – Twelve, Beasts of Bourbon – Little Animals, Neil Young – Harvest, Cream – Disraeli Gears (Friday)


roofing window frames

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